Monday 11 June

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Although at first worried that Karl's band playing at Charlie's will have an impact on Red Cotton's residency, Andrew is surprised when The Right Prescription turns a big profit and, not one to pass up a money-making opportunity, jumps at the chance to manage them.

When he then clocks Summer and Griffin getting closer, Andrew tries to shake off his jealousy by focusing on business, giving his new signing a gig originally meant for Red Cotton – inadvertently driving a wedge even further between him and his ex.

Meanwhile, not wanting to go back on her word, Susan can't help fearing the worst as she brings her date, Bernard, to Karl's first gig – but could the two men be about to find some unexpected common ground?


  • Tue 12 Jun

    Worried about his dad's reaction, Chris lies to Aidan to keep him away from a family get-together.


  • Fri 8 Jun

    Susan is thrown by the offer of a date, and Lucas becomes suspicious of Rhys's interest in Vanessa.

  • Thu 7 Jun

    As Rhys's fascination with Vanessa deepens, Lou's inadvertently given an idea of how to repay Kyle.

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