Tuesday 12 June

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When the tension between Andrew and Summer leads Chris to decide against celebrating his birthday, Aidan sets about organising a surprise party - unaware that George has organised a barbecue, to which he insists his son invite all of his friends.

Despite Tash's attempts to convince him not to let fear get in the way of his inviting Aidan, Chris can't help worrying that his newly formed bond with his father is at stake. Concerned about introducing Aidan to the family too soon, he backs down and lies to his boyfriend. But, by doing so, is he setting himself up for disaster?

Meanwhile, following their disastrous date, Susan struggles to cut all ties with Bernard; and, in the wake of their latest confrontation, Summer and Andrew can agree on only one thing - they can’t be around each other without fighting. Given neither wants to be responsible for ruining Chris’s birthday, they decide on the only possible course of action - avoidance. Is staying apart the only way these two can get along?


  • Wed 13 Jun

    Chris finally finds the courage to be open about his relationship, but will it to be too little too late for Aidan?


  • Mon 11 Jun

    Andrew pulls Red Cotton's next gig in favour of Karl's band, inadvertently driving a wedge between him and Summer.

  • Fri 8 Jun

    Susan is thrown by the offer of a date, and Lucas becomes suspicious of Rhys's interest in Vanessa.

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