Monday 16 April

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With the cracks in Andrew and Summer's relationship beginning to show, Chris tries in vain to make peace between them. Are they past the point of no return?

Despite Emilia's concerns about his remaining in Lucas’s firing line, Michael assures her that he'll get their friendship back on track. However, when Emilia hears evidence to the contrary, she confronts Michael – suggesting they reveal to Lucas the whole truth about their past connection.

Tash realises she’s made a fashion faux-pas at uni, but Emilia has a novel and touching solution.


  • Tue 17 Apr

    After Emilia and Michael explain the events that took place around her mother's death, Tash lashes out in a very public way.


  • Fri 13 Apr

    When Andrew asks for a favour on her first day in a new job, Summer goes out on a limb to help - but at what cost?

  • Thu 12 Apr

    Andrew turns to Kate to fund his new ventures - but, having duped Paul, will he live to regret it?

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