Monday 16 July

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Having struck a secret deal with Troy, Callum agrees to spend more time with him in return for his dropping the case against Sonya and Toadie. However, when he learns that Troy’s dropped the case but not his intervention order against Toadie, he can’t help confronting him in public – only for Sonya to bust them together. Reminded of the stakes involved in keeping Troy onside, Callum relents and says he wants to get to know his biological dad.

Needing to fix his PR blunder, Paul scrambles to apologise to Zoe, but she refuses to take his calls. While Paul gives up and starts looking into other options, Sophie remains determined to get them back together and tricks them into a meeting. Upon arriving, Paul realises what she’s done but, seeing Zoe warm to him, plays along with it. However, when he tries to get Zoe back on board as his manager, he’s thrown to learn that she’s up for dating but not for working with him.


  • Tue 17 Jul

    Convinced that Callum’s committed to seeing Troy, Sonya steels herself to break the news to Toadie.


  • Fri 13 Jul

    Zoe proposes a way for Paul to improve his image, but can he swallow his pride to see it through?

  • Thu 12 Jul

    Callum proves to Troy he's ready to do anything to protect his family, but will his plan pay off?

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