Monday 17 September

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On the morning of his birthday, Andrew anticipates finally receiving payment from the casino group. Gearing up to tell Tash the truth about the deal, he tries to make sure she’s on her own so her reaction won’t be influenced by anyone else. However, he walks into a surprise birthday lunch and, seeing the effort everyone’s gone to, decides the truth will have to wait.

While Lucas worries about Rhys’s symbol of commitment, Lou insists it means nothing unless Vanessa’s willing to commit as well. Lou offers to scope her out, but when he’s unable to reach a conclusion, Lucas realises he’ll have to do it himself. To his dismay, Vanessa unwittingly insinuates she loves Rhys enough to spend the rest of her life with him. Wanting her to be happy, Lucas decides he has no choice but to bury his feelings for good.

When Paul forbids her from going to a gig, Sophie rebels and sneaks out in the boot of Chris’s car. She fears she’s been thwarted when the teens discover her hiding spot. But to her delight, Andrew bullies Chris into overloading the car so they don’t have to turn around and take her home.

On the way to the concert, Summer unexpectedly comes across the cheques for the app’s sale. While Andrew scrambles to explain, Tash realises he sold the app without her approval - and forged her signature to get away with it. A heated argument breaks out in the car, and as Chris tries to mediate, he takes his eyes off the road...with disastrous consequences.


  • Tue 18 Sep

    As Kate and Paul fear they've lost Sophie for good, Rhys battles to save the teens - but at what cost to his own safety?


  • Fri 14 Sep

    Lou challenges Lucas to make clear his feelings for Vanessa clear before she goes away with Rhys.

  • Thu 13 Sep

    Priya worries she's inadvertently sent Paul the wrong message when she's forced to accept a thank-you gift.

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