Monday 18 June

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Worried that Karl may get a higher bid than him at the bachelor auction, Rhys invites Vanessa along and is pleased when she suggests she’ll bid on his behalf. As they prepare for the night out, Rhys’s feelings for Vanessa grow. However, when Lucas sees Vanessa bidding a huge amount of money on Rhys, he struggles with his suspicions and confronts Rhys, who openly confirms he likes Vanessa. Lucas knows he has no right to object, but can he really stand by and watch as the mother of his child falls for a man he doesn’t trust?

Kate prepares to bid on Kyle at the auction, rousing the suspicion of Jade, who expected her to bid on a bachelor of her own. When Kyle’s turn comes up, Kate’s torn between following her heart and possibly betraying her best friend. But she makes her choice and wins the date with Kyle. Jade can’t help feeling confused, but Kate convinces Jade that her intentions are pure. Will a guilty Kate go through with the romantic date and tell Kyle how she really feels?

Paul’s concerned when he learns of a huge secret bid to win him in the bachelor auction. Initially worried that it could be either Susan or Sheila, Paul’s pleased to discover his new PR consultant, Zoe, is responsible. However, he’s dismayed to learn she did it to help his profile – and he’s left to pick up the cheque.


  • Tue 19 Jun

    Vanessa worries she's set herself up for a fall when Rhys is pushed into revealing his true colours.


  • Fri 15 Jun

    As Ramsay Street gears up for its charity bachelor auction, will Kate be tempted to make a play for Kyle?

  • Thu 14 Jun

    Suspecting that Callum and Rani's relationship isn't genuine, Sophie sets out to test her theory with a game of truth or date.

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