Monday 25 June

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Choosing to focus on his business after his failed attempts at warning Summer about Griffin, Andrew is thrown to discover The Right Prescription now doesn’t have a bass player. Realising he’s jeopardised his business by acting on an emotional whim, he scrambles to find a replacement. While he continues to fail, he’s surprised when Sophie steps up and offers to do it.

Knowing Sophie's unlikely to consider herself the right fit for the line-up, Andrew questions her motivation and learns from her that it was Summer's idea. Grateful for each other’s private gestures, it’s clear that even though they’re not talking, Andrew and Summer still care for each other.

While Callum continues investing in his feelings for Rani, he’s also intrigued as a new neighbour moves into Number 32. When Rani meets and is charmed by the mystery buyer, she inadvertently puts Callum in harm’s way by encouraging him to pay a visit – not realising the man is actually his biological father, Troy.

Determined to prove he doesn’t need help being good company to a lady, Lou walks Kate through his moves. However, when she manages to point out many flaws, he begrudgingly agrees to take on her advice and become more sophisticated.


  • Tue 26 Jun

    Toadie and Sonya are shocked to discover that Troy is suing them for access to Callum.


  • Fri 22 Jun

    As Summer continues to invest in Griffin, Andrew’s knocked for six when he catches him with another girl.

  • Thu 21 Jun

    Kate nervously prepares for her date with Kyle - but could Jade be about to scupper her plans?

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