Monday 26 March

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Realising going back to school is the only way to get into her journalism course, Summer resolves to repeat Year 12. Being a once renowned graduate, however, she’s confronted when she admits she’s repeating her studies because she cheated, only to be taunted by younger students. Will Summer be able to tolerate the humiliation and the prospect of a yearlong grind, or will she crack under the pressure?

With Emilia ignoring his calls, Michael’s buoyed when he learns she missed their dinner because she was breaking up with Lucas. While sympathetic to Lucas’s heartbreak, Michael seizes the opportunity to put his feelings on the line. Will Emilia admit she feels the same way? And will Lucas work out that he’s been dumped for another man?

Thinking uni will be all boring theory, Andrew initially dreads the year ahead of him without Summer - only for his eyes to be opened by a potentially exciting new business mentor.


  • Tue 27 Mar

    Some macho-style DIY turns painful for Toadie when his family cause him to lose his temper.


  • Fri 23 Mar

    Realising her friends have forgotten her birthday, Kate intrigues Rhys with her new outlook on life.

  • Thu 22 Mar

    Challenged to take on the legal guardianship of Sophie, Paul wonders whether he is up to the job.

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