Thursday 1 November

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Determined to stay faithful, Priya avoids an awkward confrontation with Paul, choosing instead to go home with Ajay. However, she’s thrown when Paul freezes her out and is disappointed when Paul insists he’s done chasing her. Unable to get him out of her mind, Priya’s incensed when Paul doesn’t show up at a school board meeting – unaware he’s been innocently held up. Assuming she’s being punished, Priya confronts Paul at home. However, when their heated argument boils over, Priya’s unable to resist temptation and gives in to the passion she’s been craving. But will she be able to live with the guilt?

Returning home early from his trip to Peru, Karl claims he’s back because of work but confides in Ajay that the real reason is that traveling solo was not as fun as he expected. When Ajay sees Karl’s reaction to Susan, he wonders if Karl came home because he still has feelings for her. While Karl admits he will always love her, he knows she’s not interested in a reconciliation, and he therefore has no other option than to move on.

Trying to keep busy after her break-up with Rhys, Vanessa decides to sort through her clothes and get rid of those she can no longer wear. However, when she learns of Susan’s risqué new hobby, she suggests she take them instead. Helping Susan embrace her full potential, Vanessa inadvertently finds the support she needs.


  • Fri 2 Nov

    Sonya struggles with a high-maintenance customer, only to later learn of her connection to Toadie.


  • Wed 31 Oct

    Summer struggles to move on after being criticised by Bradley, leading Tash to wonder whether her friend has feelings for him.

  • Tue 30 Oct

    After getting off on the wrong foot with Bradley, is Summer about to destroy any chance she had of becoming a serious journalist?

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