Thursday 5 July

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Keen to move things along romantically with Zoe, Paul suggests they have a long lunch together. Before she can agree, however, Sophie and Andrew crash their meeting in the throes of an argument. Andrew wants Sophie to play a one-off gig for The Right Prescription, but Sophie refuses on the grounds that it will damage her musical reputation. When Zoe sides with Sophie’s viewpoint, Sophie takes a strong shine to her. Andrew isn’t so enamoured, believing that Paul dating again will only lead to more hurt for everyone concerned - and, after reluctantly agreeing to give her a chance, he's less than impressed to witness firsthand just how quickly the relationship is moving.

Overwhelmed after spilling her secret, and struggling to deal with Sonya’s harsh reaction, Jade feels comforted by Kyle but struggles with the decision over whether or not to reveal to him her past with Troy. After Sonya summons Jade back to hospital and gives her an earful, Jade’s remorseful response softens her sister and she realises that they’ve both suffered the same fate. Wanting to avoid telling Kyle the truth, Jade offers to stay with Sonya when she gets out of hospital. For Kyle, however, Jade’s solution leaves him feeling alone and useless. Will Jade reach out and let her boyfriend in before it’s too late?


  • Fri 6 Jul

    Invited to join a university maths club, Tash's fears of acceptance threaten her chance of doing something she loves.


  • Wed 4 Jul

    Realising the only chance of stopping Troy lies in her hands, Jade finally tells Sonya her long-held secret.

  • Tue 3 Jul

    As Toadie and Troy come to blows, the stress of the custody battle takes its toll on Sonya and the baby.

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