Thursday 8 November

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A worrying dream about Bradley’s attraction to her forces Susan to realise she needs to put an end to it. She struggles to find the courage to have the uncomfortable conversation, until she discovers she doesn’t need to, because Bradley’s seeing Summer. Worried about the age difference, Susan advises Summer against the relationship - but can she make her see sense?

It’s Jade’s last day in Erinsborough and Kyle goes all out, filling it with exciting plans despite her wish for a simple day on the couch. Eventually, Kyle reveals his true reason for the plans: he wants her memories of home to stack up with her exciting life in LA. Kyle bids Jade farewell again, and she reasons it will get easier every time; however, once she’s gone, Kyle's reaction tells an altogether different story.

Having realised the error of her ways, Sophie’s turned over a new leaf and begins focusing on her studies. Eager for Sophie to meet her boyfriend, Rani drags her along to lunch with Harley but makes her uncomfortable when she tells him about Sophie's rebellious ways. Rani looks for approval of Harley from Sophie, but she declares he’s wrong for her. What’s the real reason behind Sophie’s reluctance?


  • Fri 9 Nov

    Vanessa is rattled by an unexpected visit from her mother, Francesca, who doesn't know she is pregnant.


  • Wed 7 Nov

    After being invited by Bradley to a quiz night, Summer has raised hopes that he is interested in her.

  • Tue 6 Nov

    Having witnessed Andrew's fit, Tash learns the truth from Aidan. Will she agree to protect her friend's secret?

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