Thursday 12 July

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Seeing Rhys flirting with Tiffany, Vanessa finally cracks and spontaneously invites him over for dinner. Rhys is nervous enough, and Vanessa does her best to give in to her attraction to him. But when Rhys has a strong, allergic reaction to one of the ingredients in the meal, his determination not to ruin his chances sees him covering it up. With Vanessa furious when she realises he's kept quiet about his complaint, Rhys’s apology touches her heart, and the couple finally close in on a kiss – only to be interrupted by Lucas.

Fired up about the custody battle, Callum goes to throw a rock through Troy’s window, only for Lucas to stop him in his tracks. Callum’s frustrated by his helplessness, but Sophie inadvertently makes him realise that he can fix this. Seeking out Troy, Callum makes him an offer: if he calls off the dogs, he’ll agree to spend time with him. Will his plan pay off?

While Susan’s happy with the new integrity of Erinsborough News, Paul worries about slipping sales and loss of advertising revenue. Pressured to produce more popular content, Susan asks unenthusiastic Summer to write a dating column. Seeing her reluctance, Andrew suggests she do a bad job so that Susan won’t ask her again. Summer’s tempted, but can she go through with it?


  • Fri 13 Jul

    Zoe proposes a way for Paul to improve his image, but can he swallow his pride to see it through?


  • Wed 11 Jul

    Toadie leads his family into a mediation session, hoping Jade’s testimony against Troy will win their case.

  • Tue 10 Jul

    Guilt-ridden over their kiss, Kyle immediately shuts Kate down and resolves to tell Jade the truth.

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