Thursday 13 September

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When Toadie tells her that he seems to have been under extra scrutiny from his boss, Sonya can't help worrying that Charlotte might have an ulterior motive. Despite initially dismissing the idea that her interest is anything more than professional, Toadie eventually lets Sonya's suspicions get the better of him, especially when Charlotte invites him to a private meeting. As he prepares to confront the situation head on, however, Sonya works out the truth - Toadie's actually being recommended for a promotion - but can she get to him in time to spare his embarrassment...and his career?

Priya tries to shut down her interaction with Paul, but after she tries to encourage Kate to reconsider teaching, she receives some champagne from him as a gesture of thanks. Realising he’s misread her actions, she’s keen to set him straight by returning the gift - only to inadvertently send him the wrong message when, having been caught by Ajay, she finds herself with no other option than to keep it.


  • Fri 14 Sep

    Lou challenges Lucas to make clear his feelings for Vanessa clear before she goes away with Rhys.


  • Wed 12 Sep

    After losing a vote about proposals to cut the school's budget, Priya finds an unlikely ally in Paul.

  • Tue 11 Sep

    Jade faces her dilemma head on, and Rhys is surprised when Elaine gives him a ring to pass on to Vanessa.

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