Thursday 14 June

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Feeling on the outer with Callum and Rani, jealous Sophie invites the 'couple' over to keep them in her orbit. However, when she begins to suspect that their relationship isn’t genuine, she decides to tests her theory with a game of truth or dare.

Forcing their hand, Sophie challenges a reluctant Rani and Callum to kiss, busting them when they awkwardly refuse. Despite this leading to a truce between the trio, Callum realises that going back to being friends with Rani isn't enough: he has genuine feelings for her. Is he heading for his first heartbreak?

Meanwhile, when Aidan makes it clear the relationship's over, Andrew vows to help Chris move on; and, having hired a PR manager to help boost his profile, Paul is surprised when straight-talking Zoe turns out to be a lot more impressive than he had imagined.

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