Thursday 15 December

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Now knowing about Mal's affair with Jade, Karl is forced to watch his son lie to Catherine and Susan to cover his tracks. When, having been confronted, Mal struggles to cool things off with Jade, Karl speaks from experience to make a heartfelt appeal. With the damage already done, will Mal be able to resist Jade's lure, and will Karl choose to keep his son's secret?

When Michael's discharged from hospital, Tash suggests asking Emilia to help out around the house. When her dad rejects the idea, she initially takes on the challenge herself but, as her studies begin to suffer, will Tash be forced to go against Michael's wishes?

Meanwhile, Kyle's guilt grows as Rhys continues to blame Jade for his failure to make the surgery programme. As the situation escalates, can Dane bring himself to step in and risk his friendship in the process?


  • Fri 16 Dec

    Emilia answers Tash's call to help nurse Michael, but can she be trusted to keep his secret safe?


  • Wed 14 Dec

    After his night out with Dane, Rhys wakes to find he has an interview for the surgery programme that morning.

  • Tue 13 Dec

    Still unsure of the cause of Noah's conflict with Kate, Sophie resorts to stealing his notebook.

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