Thursday 19 July

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Uncomfortable around Jade after her kiss with Kyle, Kate feels worse when her friend apologises to her for being distant. Unable to confide in any of her friends, Kate finds herself empathising with Troy when she sees he’s equally on the outer. Realising they have more in common than she had first thought, Kate finds in him the sounding board that she so desperately needs. However, when Jade sees Kate getting close to Troy, she warns her against him and reveals their abusive past. Realising she betrayed Jade when she was at her most vulnerable, Kate feels guiltier than ever.

Although he’s glad Vanessa accepts his past without judgement, Lucas is wary when she tries to set him up with a friend. But Vanessa’s match-making is a success – until she interrupts Lucas and Sara at home. Caught off-guard, Vanessa claims to be Lucas’s sister to avoid scaring Sara away with the truth. While Lucas and Vanessa argue about whether to keep up the charade, Sara learns from Chris the true nature of their relationship. Lucas’s date ends badly – once again – and he's left wondering if he and Vanessa can ever make their complicated arrangement work.

Struggling to give Summer fresh advice for her dating column, Chris looks to Lucas for inspiration. Realising Lucas’s relationships are more entertaining than the ones about which they’ve been giving advice, Chris and Summer resolve to ditch the real questions and instead use their neighbour as their muse.


  • Fri 20 Jul

    As Sonya learns of Callum's deal with Troy, Jade grows aware of the power her ex still holds over her.


  • Wed 18 Jul

    Vanessa's forced to rethink her plans with Rhys when she realises Lucas may need her support.

  • Tue 17 Jul

    Convinced that Callum’s committed to seeing Troy, Sonya steels herself to break the news to Toadie.

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