Thursday 1 March

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Reacting on instinct, Michael bins his lesson plans: he’ll continue to teach the way he wants. However, when he tells Emilia what he’s done, she comes up with a better idea to keep Priya off his back - which, to his dismay, involves breaking into the school to retrieve his plans. Unaware that Lucas is also about to declare his feelings for Emilia, the illicit adventure brings Michael’s feelings for her to the surface – will he dare to tell her the truth?

When Audrey's health takes a turn for the worse and the news isn’t as they’d hoped, Karl and Susan once again face uncertain times. Can they overcome their awkwardness with each other in order to make the necessary decisions? And could this shared crisis bring the Kennedys back together?

Realising she has a staffing problem at work, Priya reluctantly cancels Lucas’s leave before appealing to Kate to return. Eagerly awaiting Priya’s first slip-up when Kate turns her down, Paul tries to stir the pot. Will a stressed Priya let his goading finally get to her?

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