Thursday 20 September

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Lucas assures Chris Paul’s anger will blow over. However, his concern deepens when Paul threatens to pull the plug on a big contract - and he's reminded what's at stake when Vanessa reveals her plans for the baby's nursery. Advised by Lou that family comes first, Lucas resolves to temporarily let go of Chris, but waivers when he realises the garage is the teen's only respite. Despite choosing to stick by him, Lucas struggles to conceal the pressure he's under, prompting Chris to hand in his resignation.

When it comes to the question of learning the baby's sex, Sonya and Toadie are divided. Toadie yields to Sonya's insistence it be a surprise; however, when he discovers there are allegedly other ways of determining an unborn child’s gender, he goes on a mission to surreptitiously find out. When confused Sonya works out what he’s up to and realises how invested he’s becoming, she decides they may as well know for sure: the couple are overjoyed to learn they’re having a girl.

Determined to uncover his talent as a painter, Lou switches to abstract art. Undeterred by Vanessa’s doubtful reaction, he resolves to prove her wrong by seeking a professional opinion. Lou’s vindicated when his work is selected for an exhibition.

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