Thursday 21 February

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When Andrew has to go to the hospital for blood tests, Tash assures him that she can manage Charlie's without him. But when Sonya breastfeeds Nell and a patron complains, Tash asks her to leave, offending her and unwittingly infringing upon her rights. When he returns to Charlie's, Andrew is shocked to learn about the incident and tries to placate Sonya, but Sonya wants to make a formal complaint and insists on an apology from Tash. Aware of how messy the situation could become, Andrew demands that Tash smooth things over and apologise. Tash's apology, however, falls a long way short of acceptable, and Sonya is left fuming and vowing to get the press involved.

Toadie and Sonya try to settle into life with a newborn, battling tiredness and doing their best to juggle their respective responsibilities, but Callum's more interested in securing a decent photograph of him and Nell. After Toadie removes Nell from Sonya's protest in Charlie's, Callum finally has another opportunity to get the perfect snap. Instead, he drops his camera phone on her, waking her up and forcing him to explain his mission to Toadie – Rani likes Nell and he wants to find a way to get closer to her. Understanding Toadie helps Callum get the perfect photo, but while Rani likes the photo, Callum's still a long way from securing her heart.

Vanessa's exhausted, refusing to leave her son's side. Knowing she needs to rest, Georgia offers to arrange a room for Vanessa and Lucas at the Hospital in their family accommodation wing. Scared of acknowledging the seriousness of her son's condition, she's reluctant to accept the offer.



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  • MAGS

    12 months ago


    renaming Neighbours BAIGHBOURS ...(too many babies' storylines...if i wanna see sproggs ad nauseum i'll watch Midwives/One Born Every Minute etcetcetcetcetcetcvetc ad NAUSEUMMMM!!!!!

  • Sara3

    1 year ago


    I'm really confused why everyone complains about I watching a special edited version or something. When I watch it the duration is 21 minutes and 18 seconds. I didn't watch any adverts, so I'm well confused why people are complaining??

  • me

    1 year ago


    Can't be bothered to watch this anymore. Too many adverts +Jumpy picture and freezing all the time. Bye Bye neighbours and bye rubbish channel

  • sarah

    1 year ago


    there so cool

  • Claire

    1 year ago


    I've nearly stopped watching Neighbours in the past purely because of the OTT character that Sonya is...wait until Toadie's mum arrives for more drama queening. Vanessa, Lucas and Rhys on the other hand, coping with so much more, are behaving so classy and dignified. Sonya would never do dignified.

  • viewa

    1 year ago


    "Isn't it annoying?"David Tennant says in that advert....what's annoying, beyond annoying, is three sets of adverts, some of them two minutes before the end of the actual programme and in the middle of a dramatic speech. Such a cynical disregard for the viewersl!

  • davinia

    1 year ago


    why is it that every time i try to watch neighbours or home and away it freezes half way through and i cannot get it back.SO ANNOYING

  • jimbo

    1 year ago


    I find the whole OTT business of Toadie and Sonya completely nauseating. Surely not all Australian couples are like that just because they have produced another offspring. As for the latest episode in the cafe, words fail me. Tash's response was priceless. What a shame she is leaving the show. Wish it was the highly neurotic Sonya instead.

  • Deboraaaaaa

    1 year ago


    Why is everyone hating on Sonya's character.... It is called ENTERTAINMENT .... Get it, Got it, Good.... :-)

  • Barry Grayshon

    1 year ago

    Barry Grayshon

    There are so many adverts now I cannot be bothered watching any more.

  • Rose

    1 year ago


    Sonya and her buddies overreacted and exaggerated a bit, but they were in the right. It's Tash's job to keep all customers happy, not just one. Sure, she has to do something as a regular complained, but Sonya is also a regular and has as much right to be there as anyone plus she was being discrete. It's good that Neighbours are tackling this issue.

  • Jac

    1 year ago


    I can't watch this show anymore. Sonya is so annoying and stupid. Time to find a new soap.

  • Barry Grayshon

    1 year ago

    Barry Grayshon

    Why is this not on Sky Catch Up/On Demand yet?

  • Barry Grayshon

    1 year ago

    Barry Grayshon

    Why is this not on Sky On Demand/Catch Up yet??

  • thomas

    1 year ago



  • Sonica

    1 year ago


    I am not against Breastfeeding in Public, but Sonyas mother earth act is grating so good for tash, besides how many mums go to bar restaurants and feed their babies naturally? I wouldn't. It's easy enough to pump the milk and feed it in a bottle. If it were a family restaurant I could see her drama but it's not!

  • Miriam

    1 year ago


    It is good, they are dealing with such a sensitive issue as breast feeding, Sonya was doing it discretely, most men like a pair of breasts, their eye pop out on stalks. Would the man want to eat his food in the bathroom, I don't think so.

  • Sacha

    1 year ago


    hmm neighbours is starting to get on my nerves. Espicially Sonya she is a silly woman :s

  • damian

    1 year ago


    sonya will you just leave your character is just the most annoying person