Thursday 21 June

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Gearing up to tell Kyle how she feels about him, Kate nervously prepares for their date, only to be thwarted when Sophie arrives needing homework help. When Sophie, suspicious of her sister's intentions, begs her not to do anything that will hurt Jade, Kate shakes off her guilt and ultimately decides to go through with her plans - but could Kyle be about to change his mind?

Thrown when Tash turns up on their doorstep, Karl and Summer agree she needs their support. But Tash quickly makes herself a little too at home, infuriating first Summer then Karl. Although Karl reminds Summer of the need to treat Tash with kindness, he’s the one who finally snaps. To his surprise, Tash admits her shortcomings as a house guest, prompting Karl to apologise and insists the invitation still stands.

When Charlotte makes a surprise appearance at the Singles’ Boot Camp and makes it known she has clients who may be interested in franchising the concept, Jade is forced to pick up her game. Although she worries she's blown her big chance, Jade's surprised when Charlotte reveals that her contacts want to meet her - in person, in Sydney. Needing support, Jade invites Kyle along for the ride, forcing him to choose between her and his date with Kate.

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