Thursday 24 May

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Surprised and disappointed to discover that her staff lack initiative, Susan empowers them to be more proactive, unaware that Paul has planted a mole in her team to keep watch for him. Afraid that Susan will lose the advertisers he worked so hard to secure, Paul challenges his spy to gain access to her email. Fiona uses Summer to do this, but when Paul later confronts Susan, she realises he knows too much and her suspicions lead her to a stunning conclusion.

Torn over whether or not to expose his deception, Kate makes clear to Lou her disappointment in him. While she dreads the pain of telling Kyle the truth, she struggles equally with watching a guilt-ridden Lou trying to find a job in a bid to recoup the money he took. Where do her loyalties lie?

Summer bumps into Andrew looking sharp and fears he’s already started moving on. Feeling fragile, she throws herself back into work, feeling encouraged when Susan gives her great responsibility - only for a momentary distraction to end in disaster.


  • Fri 25 May

    As Susan battles the return of her MS symptoms, which will be first to give: her job or her health?


  • Wed 23 May

    Kate's bid to get to the bottom of Kyle's debt leads her to Lou's door. Will he own up to his deceit?

  • Tue 22 May

    Convinced he's better off without her, Lucas is horrified when Kate interferes with his plans to wash his hands of Vanessa.

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