Thursday 26 July

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Worried about Toadie, Susan remains unaware that her position as editor of the Erinsborough News is under threat. Paul is orchestrating a meeting between her and Zoe, confident that they'll clash and his PR will finally agree to help him again. However, after learning of his plans and attempting to apologise to Susan for being so forthright, Zoe’s offended when she takes a call from Toadie during their chat. When Susan, with her thoughts elsewhere, insinuates that Zoe doesn’t know what she’s talking about, fired-up Zoe seeks out Paul and insists she’s back on board – she’s now determined to help him depose Susan and teach her a lesson.

Andrew continues to pitch ideas for making money from Tash and Ed’s maths skills. But when he responds to Ed's protests by giving him the boot, Andrew soon hits on a cash cow and realises he needs his help more than ever. Cocky Andrew’s certain he’ll be able to talk him around, but when he fails, he urges Tash to find a way. Left with little choice, Tash seeks out Ed and discovers he has an unusual hobby, in which she too just may have to take an interest.

Although he’s just spent the night with someone, Lucas is concerned when he thinks Vanessa’s done the same with Rhys. However, she Vanessa calls him on his double standards, Lucas is forced to prove he can get over his issues.


  • Fri 27 Jul

    Andrew makes a touching personal toast to Summer, prompting her to follow her feelings once and for all.


  • Wed 25 Jul

    Feeling guilty over relaying Troy's accusations, Rhys is thrown when Vanessa sides with Jade.

  • Tue 24 Jul

    Jade is terrified that Troy is plotting revenge, but the discovery that he's in hospital brings other fears.

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