Thursday 28 June

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Lucas’s journey towards accepting fatherhood is cranked up a notch when Vanessa casually mentions she’s having her first ultrasound for the baby. Wanting to involve himself but unsure of how to do so, Lucas offers Vanessa a lift to her appointment. Vanessa sees this as merely practical support and insists she doesn’t need it. Assuming she doesn’t want him there, Lucas resigns himself to stepping back. But when Susan prompts him to think about his own needs and not just Vanessa, Lucas finally steps up to the plate.

When Summer learns Red Cotton has been signed to a record label, she realises the cost that Andrew paid when he gave up the band to protect her from Griffin. Wanting to use her skills to somehow repay him, Summer decides to help promote The Right Prescription by writing an article and organising a photo shoot for them. However, when Andrew busts them mid-shoot and demands to know why he wasn’t consulted, Summer fears he won’t see the kind intent behind the gesture.

Rhys continues his pursuit of Vanessa, assuring her that he wants to be with her, despite all the complications that her pregnancy brings. But the situation becomes more real when Rhys has to fill in for Vanessa’s doctor and oversee her ultrasound. Is he too close for comfort?


  • Fri 29 Jun

    Realising that his presence is ruining Vanessa's special moment, Rhys steps aside and finds a replacement doctor to perform her ultrasound.


  • Wed 27 Jun

    Jade arrives home to news of Troy's return, but for how long can she keep Kyle in the dark about their past?

  • Tue 26 Jun

    Toadie and Sonya are shocked to discover that Troy is suing them for access to Callum.

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