Thursday 4 August

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Toadie struggles to keep his cool after learning of Mark's fate, and fails in his attempts to share with Kate the devastating news. Unable to hold the secret any longer, he confides in Sonya, who in spite of her shock has no hesitation about how to proceed: Kate must be told the truth.

With Jim cracking hardy, Susan encourages him to open up to her about his real feelings. The truth, however, weighs heavily on Susan, and when she sees how involved Karl is in training for their holiday, she's loath to share her burden. But can she go on shouldering it alone?

Despite their rocky start, Karl embraces the tough training regime Jade imposes. When Lou offers his input, however, the good doctor isn't quite so accepting.


  • Fri 5 Aug

    A surprise visitor to the university upsets Andrew's plan.


  • Wed 3 Aug

    As Kate and Sophie continue to clash, Toadie discovers some terrible news.

  • Tue 2 Aug

    Karl and Susan prepare for their trip to Peru.

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