Tuesday 1 May

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Toadie continues to enjoy finding an escape at the office, until he discovers that Sonya's on to his plans and is forced to explain himself. Having overheard Toadie’s confession to Sonya, Callum tries to help out by organising tickets to the football. Unaware of this, Toadie leaves Callum heartbroken when he goes to work anyway - and, having dug his own grave, his efforts to make amends prove futile when Charlotte denies his appeal to reduce his caseload.

Not interested in talking about the break he and Summer have taken, Andrew hides his concern from Paul. When Paul realises what’s going on, he’s unsure how to best support his son. Heeding Susan's advice that a distraction might be the answer, Paul successfully uses work to offer Andrew a breather from his relationship concerns.

Meanwhile, Summer's search for support also leads her to Susan, who insists on dragging her to book club. When Summer realises no one has read the set text, Susan worries her attempt has failed, only to then find what she thinks is a more fun way to take Summer’s thoughts off Andrew - but will she succeed?


  • Wed 2 May

    Sonya inadvertently puts Jade and Kyle on a collision course with Rhys and his mother.


  • Mon 30 Apr

    Andrew and Summer's relationship reaches breaking point, and Paul finds himself on his own when Susan sides with Ajay.

  • Fri 27 Apr

    Summer is shocked to learn of Andrew's reluctance to involve her in his work. Are they finally drifting apart?

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