Tuesday 11 December

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The pressure on Vanessa builds in the lead-up to her wedding day. Unaware of Rhys's plans to attend, Vanessa commits to going through with it, confident she's doing the right thing. Meanwhile, Lucas finally starts to relax as time moves on and there's no sign of Rhys – only to be left thrown by his late arrival.

Fearing that Rhys has come to derail the ceremony, Lucas is relieved when he keeps his peace. However, as the wedding continues, Vanessa grows increasingly distressed and stumbles over her vows. She flees, leaving Lucas at the altar. Confessing to her mum the whole truth in the hope she'll understand, Vanessa is heartbroken when Francesca disowns her. Vanessa accepts comfort from Lucas, but she's furious when Rhys finds her and assumes this means they can now be together; pointing out she’s lost everything and he’s only thinking of himself, she firmly rejects him.

Eager to please Harley, Rani agrees to pitch the idea of a school social to Priya. Not wanting to lose the bond she has with her daughter, Priya reluctantly agrees. However, when Rani struggles to come up with a budget-friendly theme, Georgia suggests a barn dance at the Men’s Shed. Although the teens aren't keen, Rani goes along with the idea, hoping to impress Harley - without success. Knowing they’ll need a good after-party to make up for it, Harley checks that Rani’s on board, and she agrees – until he warns her not to tell her parents about it.


  • Wed 12 Dec

    Priya's torn when Ajay plans a family Diwali celebration, forcing her to postpone her rendezvous with Paul.


  • Mon 10 Dec

    Feeling threatened after learning that Rhys plans to attend the wedding, Lucas urges him to reconsider.

  • Fri 7 Dec

    Susan's surprised by the arrival of her sister Carmel, who finds herself with a dilemma when she sees Karl in a new light.

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