Tuesday 12 February

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Angry Lucas struggles to deal with his son's diagnosis. Needing someone to blame, he lashes out at Rhys and demands a second opinion. But when the second opinion comes back confirming Rhys's diagnosis, Lucas is broken. Despondent Lucas blames himself but Vanessa urges him to be strong for her so she can be strong for their son. Lucas vows to do just that and as Rhys witnesses a tender moment between him and Vanessa, he begins to fear there may not be room for him in this new family.

With Lucas at the hospital, Chris is forced to man the garage alone. Aidan sees that Chris is overwhelmed by the workload and offers to help, but he refuses. If Aidan won't let him help him, then he should do the same. But Aidan refuses to take no for an answer and when Chris draws a parallel between his need for help and Aidan's, Aidan's is annoyed that Chris hasn't let it go. Still at loggerheads, Chris fears that their relationship is beyond repair.

Tash is unimpressed with Sheila's kitsch decorations for Charlie's Australian Open Tennis party and instead forges ahead with her own plans. However she's thrown when Sheila compliments her on her gumption, suggesting that she and Tash are very much alike.


  • Wed 13 Feb

    Chris faces a tough decision, after learning that Aidan has lied to him again.


  • Mon 11 Feb

    Rhys breaks some devastating news to Vanessa and Lucas about their baby.

  • Fri 8 Feb

    Andrew confronts Tash when he learns that she has been sabotaging the best-looking girls who applied for a job at Charlie's.

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