Tuesday 15 May

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Struggling to process Vanessa’s revelation, Lucas hits the road to escape the reality of becoming a father. However, when Lou encourages him to be wary of Vanessa’s intentions, scared Lucas sees his way out and pushes Vanessa away by questioning whether the child is his, intimating she’s only after his money. Insulted, Vanessa leaves and makes it clear she wants nothing from him. When Sonya challenges him to man up, Lucas reconsiders. But, finally, unprepared to become a father, he decides against it – for now.

Stunned to learn of Vanessa’s shock pregnancy, Sonya can’t help noting the futility of her and Toadie’s attempts to conceive. However, when Jade encourages Sonya to look past her own issues and be there for Lucas, she tries to do this – only for Lucas to take his frustrations out on her. Sick of the emotional strain, defeated Sonya puts an end to her and Toadie’s baby dream.

Realising her new lifestyle is leaving her bank balance worse for wear, Kate resolves to work more but, bored at Harold’s, applies for a job at Charlie’s – only to discover Tash is going for it too. Confident she’ll wipe the floor with her inexperienced rival, Kate’s torn when abandoned Tash urges her to bow out. However, when Kate realises Tash gives as good as she gets, she vows to stay in the race as they both earn a two-week trial.


  • Wed 16 May

    As their problems begin to take their toll, can Toadie persuade Sonya to reconsider her decision to give up on their family plans?


  • Mon 14 May

    Lucas embraces the single life, little prepared for a surprise reunion with a blast from the past.

  • Fri 11 May

    With his role in jeopardising Tash’s party now public, Paul makes Summer the target of his revenge.

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Comments (19)

  • Linda Faux

    almost 2 years ago

    Linda Faux

    Whats happened to the omnibus edition and why can't Channel 5 help out with the odd announcment on it?

  • joe

    almost 2 years ago


    where is omnibus edition

  • Curly

    almost 2 years ago


    Why is there a cushion in the men's shed? I thought it was supposed to be devoid of all feminine touches. ;-)

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  • Alan

    almost 2 years ago


    Rhys is so horrible. He just can't resist sniping at everyone, can he?

  • BeckyClark

    almost 2 years ago


    I'm confused as to why people who get pregnant in soaps, that don't really want the baby don't just get an abortion? Surely a soap that tries to tackle "real life" issues should cover that? The first thing you'd do if you got pregnant after a 1 night stand is get rid of it! It's not rocket science.

  • Claire

    almost 2 years ago


    Gillian - be considerate for once, stop posting spoilers. We know you're the fountain of all Neighbour knowledge, so now I've acknowledged this can you think of others?

  • linda

    almost 2 years ago


    Anyone know what time and day neighbours omnibus is on this week ,i just cant find it on my tv guide

  • NotoEuro

    almost 2 years ago


    Tash trying to get a job at least shes trying to step up to the plate, but really that wont be enough to pay for her fashion appetite. Wish Tash could just get in the real world and not expect to find a job 1st time!

  • The Sandman

    almost 2 years ago

    The Sandman

    And can some one please explain how a part time bar job can pay all the mortage/rent of a house, bills and food??

  • The Sandman

    almost 2 years ago

    The Sandman

    Wow Tash! Just when you thought she couldn't get any worse! Excuse me, Tash, what right have you got to tell anyone else not to go for a job just because you want it? Welcome to the real world. I'm amazed someone as self centred and shallow as that still manages to have friends, Chris really is a doormat to her.

  • pip

    almost 2 years ago


    GillianH81: please stop posting spoilers in the comments every few episodes, it should be up to us if we read spoilers not have it posted right under the episide where we can't miss it. If you want to read them kindly keep them to yourself

  • M.dot

    almost 2 years ago


    i wear this episode is old were is the new one, i was on when vennasa went to the hospital and didn't went to lucas just by herelf.

  • Sarah

    almost 2 years ago


    I wish people would stop going on at Channel 5 about problems with the video, it's embarrassing: It's not Channel 5, people, it's either your Internet connection or your hardware not supporting the software.

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  • just me

    almost 2 years ago

    just me

    i'm confused cause i thought we saw Sonya with a positive pregnancy test a while ago?

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  • SJC

    almost 2 years ago


    Far too many stories of impregnation...ew...plus there's some idea that 30 is make or break time with having a baby...! Neighbours you are panicking all 30 somethings out there! Wasn't Lyn in her late 40's?

  • samiskim

    almost 2 years ago


    Please sort this video out - it sticks on the opening credits.