Tuesday 17 July

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Still struggling to accept Callum’s turnaround, Sonya’s unsure how to tell Toadie that he now wants to see Troy. Knowing the stress could get to her, Karl suggests she hold off; however, upon realising that Callum’s certain about this, she’s left with no choice but to break the news to heartbroken Toadie. She encourages him to find a way to legally keep Troy away, but through his search, Toadie realises that Callum will most benefit from them trying to accept his decision.

Tash struggles to catch up on the study she’s missed, forcing her to reluctantly ask Ed for help. When Ed uses blackjack to demonstrate probability, she starts to get it – and they set up an impromptu game at Charlie’s to test their theories. The game is threatened by the arrival of the police; however, Kate manages to distract the officers long enough for Tash to shut down the game, narrowly avoiding getting busted. Ed concedes it was fun while it lasted, but having tasted the money-making potential, Tash insists they capitalise on their skills by taking their game elsewhere.

Left to clean up the mess of his PR disaster on his own, Paul’s confident he’s got it under control but soon realises it isn’t as easy as he suspected.


  • Wed 18 Jul

    Vanessa's forced to rethink her plans with Rhys when she realises Lucas may need her support.


  • Mon 16 Jul

    Callum starts to secretly visit Troy, on the condition that he'll drop the case against Sonya and Toadie.

  • Fri 13 Jul

    Zoe proposes a way for Paul to improve his image, but can he swallow his pride to see it through?

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