Tuesday 18 October

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A reluctant Kate is put in charge of recruiting students to the community history wall project. Noah spies an opportunity to get closer to her and volunteers, sparking Andrew's suspicion. With no other evidence, Andrew keeps quiet until he discovers Noah’s songbook and finds one he thinks is written about Kate. Noah denies it all, but when Kate questions what’s going on, Andrew tells her about her student’s crush. Will she believe him?

When Kyle confronts him over his walking out on the fight at Charlie’s, Rhys points out he never asked him to step in. Realising he’s right, Kyle is left wondering whether it was his fault, until Lucas convinces him otherwise. Kyle remains unsure he can trust his new housemate, but is finally won over when Rhys proves he's not as selfish as he feared. But how long before Rhys betrays Kyle again?

Meanwhile, desperate not to give Erik his money back, Andrew promises he’ll have his car for him in a week's time. However, when Lucas is unable to find it, Andrew is forced to keep up the lie and buy himself some more time.


  • Wed 19 Oct

    Paul is given some unlikely inspiration from Kyle in the fight against Toadie and the shopping centre development.


  • Mon 17 Oct

    Worried about the council verdict and the implications for his business, Kyle struggles to keep his frustrations in check.

  • Fri 14 Oct

    Jade is left feeling guilty after taking payback on Rhys.

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