Tuesday 18 September

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On his way to pick up Vanessa for their long-awaited trip, Rhys drives past the teen car wreck. Seeing their lives hang in the balance, he tries desperately to help them - but manages to injure his hand in the process. Ignoring his pain, Rhys pushes on until the ambulance arrives. When he finally gets them to the hospital, he ignores Karl’s warning to have his hand examined and gears up for Sophie’s emergency surgery. When Vanessa talks him round, Rhys is dejected to discover he needs minor surgery – which means he’ll have to cancel their trip to Japan. However, he’s somewhat buoyed when Vanessa urges him to focus on all the lives he's managed to save.

Paul’s furious to discover Sophie snuck out, but his attempt at an angry phone call inadvertently leads Rhys to finding her thrown from Chris’s car. Completely unaware of the turmoil she’s in, Paul heads to the hospital upon learning Andrew’s been in a car crash. Relieved to see his son’s in a stable condition, Paul and Kate are both shocked when unconscious Sophie is wheeled past them too. Learning she may not make it, Paul’s struck with guilt about their argument. But, wanting to be strong for Kate, he works hard to pull himself together. However, when Sophie flat-lines, Kate’s reduced to hysterics and Paul’s completely lost – how will they cope if she doesn’t survive?

As Ed lies unconscious, Tash regrets having pushed him away for so long. When he finally wakes, she decides life’s too short to deny her true feelings and kisses him.


  • Wed 19 Sep

    Chris struggles with his guilt over the crash, refusing to fight back when Paul launches a vendetta against him.


  • Mon 17 Sep

    Andrew's birthday celebration threatens to end in tragedy when, driving his friends to a concert, Chris takes his eyes off the road.

  • Fri 14 Sep

    Lou challenges Lucas to make clear his feelings for Vanessa clear before she goes away with Rhys.

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