Tuesday 19 June

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After a fantastic evening at the charity auction, Vanessa plays down the romance of the night to a concerned Lucas, but is clearly looking forward to spending more time with Rhys on their date. Scared she’s setting herself up for a fakk, Lucas attempts to warn Vanessa that Rhys can’t be trusted, but she dismisses him. Her assessment of Rhys as a good man is strengthened as Rhys proves himself charming and thoughtful on the date. However, just as she starts to invest in Rhys, Vanessa is confronted to see him blast Susan, and decides then and there to shut down their blossoming friendship.

While getting a routine check-up, Susan’s curious to see Elaine at the hospital, and decides to stick around and introduce herself. The two women get along like a house on fire, bonding over their mutual frustration at having long-term illnesses. When Elaine reveals some of Rhys’s struggles from the past, Susan’s sympathy is piqued; however, when Rhys finds out, he’s furious and fires up.

Excited about spending the day bonding with her sister, Sophie is thrown to discover that Kate spent an exorbitant amount of money when she bid for a date with Kyle. Despite Kate’s claim that it was all in the name of charity, Sophie senses that there's something more at stake.


  • Wed 20 Jun

    Rhys decides not to give up on charming Vanessa, opening up a little in the hope of winning her over.


  • Mon 18 Jun

    As the bachelor auction gets underway, Kate's torn between following her heart and loyalty to her best friend.

  • Fri 15 Jun

    As Ramsay Street gears up for its charity bachelor auction, will Kate be tempted to make a play for Kyle?

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