Tuesday 22 May

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Feeling guilty about sabotaging Vanessa’s job opportunity, Lucas has little success in finding a way to help her. When he witnesses the extent of her financial woes, however, he resolves to do the only thing he can and attempts to reach out by offering her money. Fiercely independent, Vanessa is offended by the gesture and, tired of being pushed away, Lucas washes his hands of her. Despite the resulting public confrontation when she realises he was to blame for Paul's hiring decision, Lucas stands firm, insisting both he and Vanessa are better off without each other – only to discover Kate has invited her to move in with them until she can sort herself out.

As Kyle tries to hide the dog from Jade, she becomes suspicious of his sneaky behaviour. Although she rightly assumes he’s planning a surprise for her birthday, when she hears him ordering something engraved, she mistakenly assumes he's going to propose. Fearing he’s about to get down on one knee in front of all her friends, Jade at first tries to shut down Kyle’s gift; when she finds out the truth, she's relieved to see Kyle, too, is unprepared for marriage, but will either of them prove to be any more clued-up when it comes to looking after their new four-legged friend?

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