Tuesday 24 April

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Guilt-ridden over her part in the state of affairs between Michael and Tash, Emilia sacrifices her love for them both and decides to leave town, hoping to give them a chance at rebuilding their relationship. However, when his daughter continues to reject the idea of reconciliation, Michael reconsiders what the future might have in store for him, leaving Tash to face the consequences.

Seemingly getting the cold shoulder from Jessica, Karl fears she hasn’t taken their break-up well. Not wanting to be on the receiving end of Jessica's frustration for a second time, Rhys attempts to keep the peace at work by encouraging Karl to let her win the fun run.

When Karl runs the race in earnest and genuinely injures himself, Jessica can't help suspecting he's faking it and is left feeling patronised. Karl tries to smooth things over, but when Jessica realises he assumes she's heartbroken, she makes it embarrassingly clear just how little he meant to her.


  • Wed 25 Apr

    As Jade begins to doubt that she's deserving of Kyle, Rhys exploits her fears by making his move.


  • Mon 23 Apr

    With Lucas named the main suspect in torching Michael's car, will Tash do the right thing and come clean?

  • Fri 20 Apr

    Bearing the brunt of Jessica's relationship problems, Rhys takes his frustrations out on Jade.

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