Tuesday 26 June

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Shocked to discover that Troy is their new neighbour, Toadie vows he won’t let him be part of his son’s life. When Sonya comes home struggling after a hard day, Toadie decides to hold back the truth - only for his attempts to be derailed when Callum spills the beans. When Sonya tells Troy he has no future with Callum, Troy appears to accept and leave. But, as Toadie and Sonya quietly hope for an end to the drama, they’re rocked when they discover Troy has hired Ajay as his lawyer – and is suing for access to Callum.

Meanwhile, Paul tries to convince his PR Zoe that she owes him a date for the anonymous bid she placed on him at the bachelor auction. Zoe initially resists before she gives in and agrees to a brunch. Despite Paul’s best efforts to charm her, however, the date is a flop. When concerned Andrew steps in to dissuade him from pursuing her, Paul follows his advice – only for Zoe to change tack and send him positive signals. Could this be the start of a new romance for Paul?

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