Tuesday 28 August

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Lucas’s shocked to learn Vanessa feels so strongly about what happened to Troy that she won’t move in with him. Believing it stems from superstition, he tries and fails to assuage her worries, not realising she’s covering her real concerns. Lucas is driven to seek help from Rhys, who offers little reassurance but questions Vanessa about her stance. When she admits to him that her reluctance to move stems from her uncertainty about the future, Rhys gives her his blessing and reminds her to just take one day at a time. Just as annoyed Lucas decides to give Vanessa a serve for throwing his gesture back in his face, she declares she’ll move in with him - but he’s still got a long way to go to win her love.

Won over by Toadie’s commitment to birth coaching, Sonya goes along with his carefully planned pre-natal schedule, but soon becomes overwhelmed by his refusal to compromise. Sonya knows his heart is in the right place and forces herself to appreciate his efforts. But when she learns Toadie’s booked her into a hospital for the birth and he refuses to hear her concerns, Sonya puts her foot down: she’ll have the baby her way; Toadie is fired.

Meanwhile, Priya locks horns with Rani when she learns that she hasn't been wearing her glasses. When she realises it’s because Rani’s self-conscious wearing them in front of her friends, Priya buys her a more fashionable pair. But she’s frustrated when her kind gesture goes unnoticed and Ajay gets all the praise.


  • Wed 29 Aug

    With Sonya's heart set on a home birth, Toadie struggles with her choice of labour coach.


  • Mon 27 Aug

    After buying a house for them both, Lucas is bewildered when Vanessa refuses to move in with him.

  • Fri 24 Aug

    Paul's plan to take the editor's position is on course, but is Zoe getting too close for comfort?

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