Tuesday 28 February

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Andrew needs Sophie to continue seeing Corey in order to sign the band Red Cotton, fearing his deal will sour when he later discovers she's contemplating calling it off. Desperate, he encourages Sophie to give Corey another chance, but when Summer learns of his manipulation, she challenges him to put his cousin ahead of business. Will he follow her advice?

Discovering Priya’s applying to be the new Erinsborough High principal, Paul tries to intimidate her. Privately fearing he’s met his match, Paul’s determined to rile her at the school board meeting but radically underestimates her. Will she score the job?

Meanwhile, after she and Erin over their mutual dislike of Rhys, Kate learns of her friend's travel plans and is inspired to take steps to change her own life.


  • Wed 29 Feb

    Defying Priya's new order, Michael resorts to his unique teaching approach - but will he live to regret it?


  • Mon 27 Feb

    With a place on the surgical program at stake, Rhys reveals to Karl why he's so desperate to succeed.

  • Fri 24 Feb

    Rhys plays dirty when Erin ends their relationship, while Chris worries he may have missed his chance with Aidan.

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