Tuesday 30 October

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Summer impresses Bradley with her pitch for a story about a local Paralympian. Hoping to be chosen as its writer, Summer buries herself in research but fumes when Bradley gives the story to his new drinking buddy. As Summer witnesses Bradley’s relaxed approach to work, she worries he’s not taking Erinsborough News seriously.

After voicing her concerns to Susan, Summer discovers that Bradley gave Howard the article she wanted for a very good reason – but it’s too late to take back what she's said. After Bradley's called in to Susan's office, Summer tries to explain herself to him, but he’s not interested, inferring she’s an immature kid. Has Summer just destroyed any chance she had of becoming a serious journalist?

Determined to right his past wrongs, Chris invites George to breakfast with Aidan. While it's an awkward failure, Chris looks forward to an open and honest future with Aidan, unaware that he's keeping Andrew’s epilepsy secret. Guilt-ridden Aidan is forced to lie to Chris, taking the heat at the hospital for a secret he never wanted to keep.

Looking for excitement, Priya’s intrigued by the possibility of taking up pole dancing; however, when Ajay reminds her of the reputation she has to uphold, she reluctantly decides against it. For how long will she settle for the quiet life?


  • Wed 31 Oct

    Summer struggles to move on after being criticised by Bradley, leading Tash to wonder whether her friend has feelings for him.


  • Mon 29 Oct

    Determined to help Ed reach his potential, Tash ignores Summer’s warnings and secretly makes him over for the university ball.

  • Fri 26 Oct

    Andrew reluctantly agrees to attends Paul's case against Chris, but with whom will he choose to side?

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