Wednesday 1 February

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After Tash asks him if he'll take her to the beach where her mum drowned, Michael is hesitant, especially when she insists that Emilia joins them.

As Paul tries and fails to help heal the rift between them, Sophie is left hurt by another confrontation with Kate. In an effort to create a truce between the sisters, Paul makes Kate an offer he thinks she can't refuse - but has he misjudged her?

Under pressure from George, Lucas struggles to find the person responsible for Chris’s bashing. Turning down an invitation from the Pappas family, he distracts himself from the search by asking Emilia to celebrate Christmas with him - only to discover that her mind is elsewhere.


  • Thu 2 Feb

    Karl and Susan are drawn into reminiscing about old times, but can it change their plans for the future?


  • Tue 31 Jan

    Realising he still has feelings for Jade, Kyle races the clock to find her before she leaves town.

  • Mon 30 Jan

    Chris is forced to stand up to Warren, but will his decision come at a price?

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