Wednesday 2 May

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With Jade still refusing to forgive him for manipulating her, Rhys escapes the tension at home to visit his mother, Elaine. However, when she asks to visit him for Easter at his place, Rhys is forced to lie and claim he’s working. Ridden with guilt over disappointing his mother, Rhys spends the day with her, but his secrets are threatened when Jade and Kyle are roped into delivering some of Sonya’s flowers to the nursing home. When Rhys pretends Elaine is a patient, Elaine calls her son on his lies, fearing he’s ashamed of her.

Toadie and Sonya worry about Callum upon finding he’s gone to the football alone. Relieved when he returns home, Sonya tries to convince her son that Toadie considers him his top priority but fails to properly lift his spirits. Things aren’t helped when Callum’s roped into replicating Kyle’s Easter traditions. When Toadie arrives home from work, he puts his heart on the line and tries to make amends, only to learn that Callum doesn’t actually want to hang out with him; he just wants Toadie to want to hang out with him.

Surprised when Jade’s disappointed about not being with him for Easter, Kyle cancels his family plans to spend it with her. Touched, Jade tries to replicate his family’s Easter traditions, but her plans are thwarted when desperate Sonya inadvertently sends them on a collision course with Rhys and his mother.


  • Thu 3 May

    Rhys struggles to make amends with Jade, and Andrew fears it's the beginning of the end for him and Summer.


  • Tue 1 May

    Summer and Andrew seek a distraction from their relationship drama, while Toadie discovers that Sonya is wise to his secret.

  • Mon 30 Apr

    Andrew and Summer's relationship reaches breaking point, and Paul finds himself on his own when Susan sides with Ajay.

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