Wednesday 4 July

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Terrified they could lose the baby, Toadie rushes Sonya to hospital, where despite being told all is well they find the nightmare of Troy's return hangs over them. Realising their only hope of stopping Troy lies in her hands, Jade finally tells Sonya her long-held secret: she and Troy were once together, and he was the abusive boyfriend that caused her so much pain; she has the medical records to prove it. But, with Sonya too stunned to offer her comfort, has Jade lost her sister for good?

Lou brushes up on all things British in order to be Dawn’s tour guide ahead of her holiday to the UK. He’s conflicted: he can earn the $10,000 dollars she's willing to pay and clear his debt to Kate, but at the cost of robbing Dawn of the trip of her dreams. When Lou confesses all, it comes as no surprise to Dawn, who reveals she never bought the accent in the first place; he makes her laugh, and that’s all she wants.

Meanwhile, unable to forgive the fact that Ajay's representing Troy, Callum tries to push Rani away; however, his friend isn't quite so easily shaken off, and finally a truce is agreed - for now.


  • Thu 5 Jul

    News of Paul's relationship with Zoe fails to impress Andrew, while Jade struggles to share her past with Kyle.


  • Tue 3 Jul

    As Toadie and Troy come to blows, the stress of the custody battle takes its toll on Sonya and the baby.

  • Mon 2 Jul

    Realising that Kyle's relationship with Jade has suffered a setback, Kate sees an opportunity to tell him how she feels.

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