Wednesday 5 September

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When Paul’s reminded yet again of Sophie’s attachment to Zoe, he realises he needs to find a way out of this relationship fast. He resigns himself to taking his time, slowly easing Zoe out of both his and Sophie’s lives. But he’s thwarted when Sophie invites Zoe to the Kapoors’ housewarming barbecue, forcing Paul to also attend, with Zoe on his arm. Paul grits his teeth while introducing Zoe as his partner, but the final straw comes when Zoe refers to them as a parenting team in a discussion with Priya and Sonya. Pushed to breaking point, Paul finally cracks it and dumps Zoe – but, when he faces Sophie’s anger, he lies and claims that he was dumped. Will this lie come back to bite him?

Priya’s stressing about setting up their new house, and her anxiety grows when Ajay suggests they host a housewarming barbecue. With his help, Priya eventually relaxes and realises he’s right: they will be happy here. But when she shares this new outlook with Ajay, opening up to him, she’s disappointed to see that he’s slept right through it.

Callum’s crush on Rani intensifies as she moves in, but Ajay remains wary. Andrew points out Callum needs to win Ajay’s approval if he’s going to get anywhere. However, this backfires when eager Callum offers to help with cooking, and is then forced to work for the whole event – entirely missing his chance to hang out with Rani.


  • Thu 6 Sep

    Andrew's sale of the app behind Tash's back blows up in his face when she arranges a business meeting of her own.


  • Tue 4 Sep

    Paul’s plan to oust Susan threatens to come undone when she uncovers it before he’s able to seal the deal with the advertisers.

  • Mon 3 Sep

    Kyle confronts Jade about the text she sent him by mistake, convinced that she still loves him.

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