Wednesday 7 November

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Summer tries to orchestrate more time with Bradley and is rewarded when Susan asks him to officially be her mentor. However, Summer’s excitement grows even further when Bradley suggests they start by going to the trivia night together. During the evening, Summer inadvertently gets Bradley to see her differently when he discovers the depth of her life experience and the lighter side of her personality. Given hope he could be interested in her too, will Summer make a move on her mentor?

Still upset with Andrew after everything he’s put her through, Tash makes it clear her help was a one-off and changes nothing between them. But when she sees him in danger of having a fit, she can’t help sympathising and steps up yet again. When Andrew thanks her, Tash agrees to keep helping but only in exchange for something, trying to hide the sympathy she feels for him.

Summer’s comments make Susan reconsider her sexy new look, but when Bradley compliments her on it, Vanessa forces her to consider he could be interested in her. Worried that might be the case, Susan fears the uncomfortable conversation to come.


  • Thu 8 Nov

    Worried about the age difference, Susan advises Summer against a relationship with Bradley - but can she make her see sense?


  • Tue 6 Nov

    Having witnessed Andrew's fit, Tash learns the truth from Aidan. Will she agree to protect her friend's secret?

  • Mon 5 Nov

    Andrew's attempts at reconciliation fall flat when he's forced to shun his friends to protect his secret.

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