Wednesday 11 April

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Determined to make her journalism dream a reality and prove Paul wrong, Summer searches for a story that will generate enough online debate to also boost newspaper sales. Discovering the local police station is getting closed down to make way for a community centre, she pitches the story to Paul, promising to show him how her skills work.

Fed up, Paul issues Summer a cease and desist letter, ordering her to stop using Erinsborough News' name in what she’s doing. When she ignores his warning and her online coverage turns out to have a positive impact on sales of the paper's print edition, Paul is forced to concede he was wrong and offers her a job.

Lucas remains furious at Michael and Emilia’s betrayal. Knowing Lucas needs to channel his energies elsewhere, Chris tries to keep him company at Charlie’s and points out he has the eye of a girl across the bar. Lucas isn’t interested, but when Emilia turns up he has a change of heart and, hoping to provoke his ex's jealousy, takes Vanessa home.

Andrew’s feeling the pressure from Red Cotton, needing to find them a way to make an album. After being knocked back by record labels, he succeeds in landing the band a residency at Charlie’s in the hope of securing more exposure. But there’s a catch: he has to provide the equipment hire costs. He appeals to Paul for a loan, but will his dad agree to any more handouts?

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