Wednesday 11 July

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Toadie leads his family into a mediation session, hoping Jade’s evidence about Troy’s violent past will win their case. However, while Jade manages to put aside her fears in order to present her testimony, Ajay argues there's no solid evidence implicating Troy. Furthermore, they intend to raise Sonya's own history of violence – recalling the time she broke Jade's arm.

With their case in tatters, Toadie's frustration leads him to insinuate that Sonya's to blame. Although he regrets it immediately, it does little to ease Sonya's hurt, and in his bid to make amends, Toadie breaks the terms of the intervention order. Will this rash action cause their case further harm?

After learning from Susan that the Community Centre needs a fill-in cooking teacher, Vanessa is taken at first taken aback when Rhys shows up to class but, realising it's a play for her attention, resolves not to let him get under her skin. However, when student Tiffany pays Rhys just a little too much attention and he uses it to his advantage, Vanessa can’t fight an unexpected wave of jealousy...


  • Thu 12 Jul

    Callum proves to Troy he's ready to do anything to protect his family, but will his plan pay off?


  • Tue 10 Jul

    Guilt-ridden over their kiss, Kyle immediately shuts Kate down and resolves to tell Jade the truth.

  • Mon 9 Jul

    Kyle urges Kate to pretend they're a couple in order to win him some much-needed business.

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