Wednesday 12 October

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Desperate to spend time with Noah, Sophie arranges to trade her guitar for a bass. She keeps her plans secret from Kate, who agrees to let her join his collective. However, there's one hitch: Sophie must switch guitars by 4pm, and she can't find anyone to drive her. To what lengths will she go to spend time with Noah?

Believing that Tash is missing out by not knowing more about her mother, Summer is determined to dig for information. While Andrew discourages her, Malcolm is supportive, prompting Summer to brazenly enter the Erinsborough News offices and search the archives. Finding new information, she is faced with a choice: does she tell Tash the truth, or leave her in blissful ignorance?

Elsewhere, Chris decides to return to work at the garage, but Andrew convinces him to place a condition on his return. Will Lucas agree to his terms?


  • Thu 13 Oct

    Battle lines are drawn as Peter exposes Toadie's role in representing the shopping centre development.


  • Tue 11 Oct

    As Michael keeps up his lies, Summer begins to dig deeper into Tash's past.

  • Mon 10 Oct

    Andrew stands up for Chris, but can he persuade Lucas to do the same?

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