Wednesday 12 September

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Under pressure with the school’s latest budget, Priya proposes suspending the Kitchen Garden scheme and the VET course. After battling through the opposition of her neighbours and losing the vote, she forms an unlikely alliance with Paul over drinks at Charlie’s - a fact she can't help wanting to hide from Ajay.

Now she’s co-owner of the Yard, Jade wants to work side by side with Kyle to prove she’s as committed to their relationship as he is. But, with Jade at first appearing to be more of a liability than an asset, Kyle is in a sweat: how does he tell her to step back? Fortunately, just as Kyle’s about to break it to her, he watches Jade get the better of a supplier and decides on an arrangement that will suit them both: he’ll do the labouring; she’ll do the haggling.

Meanwhile, after embarrassing Rani by insisting Callum’s not allowed to hang out in her room, will Ajay accept Susan's advice to give the pair a chance?

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