Wednesday 13 June

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Still scared of telling his father the truth, Chris lies to Tash about his having invited Aidan to his family birthday celebration. However, his plan backfires when Aidan finds out about the get-together and goes along anyway, refusing to stay long enough to allow Chris to explain.

Surprised by his dad's choice of birthday gift, Chris finally finds the courage to admit that Aidan is boyfriend, even if he now thinks he might have ruined things between them. But, despite getting the support and encouragement he needs, when Chris acts on advice and goes after Aidan, he realises it's too late: it's over between them. And, to make matters worse, he arrives home to find the surprise party Aidan had been planning for him all along.

Meanwhile, although Lucas is happy to learn that Sonya and Toadie are expecting, the news brings to the surface his own fears about being a good father. After turning to Toadie for support only to add to his friend's insecurities, it takes some unexpected advice from Tash to give Lucas a fresh perspective.


  • Thu 14 Jun

    Suspecting that Callum and Rani's relationship isn't genuine, Sophie sets out to test her theory with a game of truth or date.


  • Tue 12 Jun

    Worried about his dad's reaction, Chris lies to Aidan to keep him away from a family get-together.

  • Mon 11 Jun

    Andrew pulls Red Cotton's next gig in favour of Karl's band, inadvertently driving a wedge between him and Summer.

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