Wednesday 16 May

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Unable to give up trying for a baby of their own, Toadie attempts to convince Sonya to reconsider, urging her not to let Lucas’s situation influence theirs. However, Sonya stands firm, certain their problems might jeopardise their current happiness. Having sought advice from Karl, Toadie eventually decides that IVF might be their only option; although touched by the sacrifices he's willing to make to see it happen, however, Sonya struggles to accept. Are they ready to give up on their dream?

Battling through her trial at Charlie’s, Tash is lifted when her spiky personality proves a hit with customers, earning her more tips than Kate. Fresh from her win at work, Tash enjoys her newfound independence until she arrives home to a lonely house. Needing to secure some company, she invites Chris to move in permanently and proposes a housemate dinner to celebrate their independence. However, Tash’s happiness is thwarted when Chris finds a letter from the real estate agent informing them the house is going up for sale. Tash thinks it must be a mistake but, after calling Michael, she learns it’s not: they’re being kicked out.

Chris and Aidan enjoy their relationship behind closed doors, free to live as they choose under Tash’s roof. But, with Michael planning to sell, will Chris be forced to face his fears of sharing their relationship with the world?


  • Thu 17 May

    Realising she's in danger of losing her home, Tash plays dirty in a bid to score a job at Charlie's.


  • Tue 15 May

    Struggling to process Vanessa’s revelation, Lucas desperately seeks a way out - but will he regret pushing her away?

  • Mon 14 May

    Lucas embraces the single life, little prepared for a surprise reunion with a blast from the past.

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