Wednesday 19 September

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Riddled with guilt, Chris makes no objection as he’s questioned by police and his license is suspended; all his concern lies with Sophie. After Paul prods for information on what happened leading up to the crash, Chris confesses to Susan how badly he messed up. When Chris tries to make amends by apologising to him, Paul retaliates by making it clear he’s suing him personally. Admitting to Lucas he blames himself for being a coward, Chris refuses to defend himself, prompting his friend to step up for him.

Andrew’s surprised neither when Tash vents her fury at him for lying about the casino group nor when she rips up the cheque from the sale of their app. However, he’s thrown when she openly blames him for the crash. When Andrew inadvertently implies he too thinks it’s Chris’s fault, outraged Tash and Summer reject him outright. Stung that they can’t see they all played a role in the accident, Andrew decides to stop feeling guilty and deposits the cheque for his half of the app money.


  • Thu 20 Sep

    Lucas's loyalties are torn when Paul refuses to back down, threatening to pull the plug on a big contract unless he fires Chris from the garage.


  • Tue 18 Sep

    As Kate and Paul fear they've lost Sophie for good, Rhys battles to save the teens - but at what cost to his own safety?

  • Mon 17 Sep

    Andrew's birthday celebration threatens to end in tragedy when, driving his friends to a concert, Chris takes his eyes off the road.

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